About Masina

Masina’s love of and connection with dogs started at a young age, growing up on three acres, running around with chickens, cats and her beloved Pugs. Her affinity for dogs made her the go-to friend for dog-sitting, dog-walking and all manner of play. 

As with many passion careers, Masina’s work with dogs started by spending time doing what she loved — dog-walking, boarding and helping friends and family out with force-free training advice. She’s worked as a professional dog walker for years, was a doggy daycare attendant, has worked in kennels, volunteered at rescue shelters and has fostered. She always knew she wanted to learn more about how to help people connect with their dogs. Masina graduated from DogStars Training Academy, has her pet first aid through Walks 'n' Wags, is a proud member of The Pet Professional Guild- an international member organization founded on the principles of force-free training and pet care & is a supporting member of the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants. She's completed the Fundementals of Dog Training & Behaviour course at Victoria Stillwell Academy & the Aggression in Dogs Master Course, taught by world renowned behaviourlist Michael Shikashio.

In an unregulated industry, Masina’s dedicated to continuing her education so she can better guide the dogs, and humans that cross her path.