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Take a look at the map below to see if you're in my catchment area.

Please be advised that the cut off is Boundary Road. If you are not in the area, I am more then happy to meet you anywhere outlined on the map below.

At Q&A Dog Training I'd like to help coach you on how to best train your dog using the latest science & reward based methods. 

Initial Consultation

Our initial 60 minute, behavioural consultation will allow me to recommend the appropriate training strategy for your dog, as well as cover the following topics:


  • Your dog’s environment and routine

  • Your dog's background (behavioural and upbringing)

  • A chance to discuss your current behavioural concerns about your dog, as well as training requests

  • Your goals and expectations for training

  • Discuss strategies to manage, prevent, and/or redirect your dog's unwanted behaviours, as we go forth with training

  • Begin training on one skill (ex. “focus and attention”)

  • Discuss any medical concerns or issues that your dog might have


**A recap of our consultation will be emailed to you within 48 hours of our session, along with a suggested training strategy for your dog.

Training Packages

We offer several packages that are customized and unique to your dog's needs. The consultation will help us assess your dog's needs, align to your goals and desired outcomes, and allow us to recommend the appropriate package for you.

We offer packages of 4, 6, and 8 sessions. If you purchase a package of 8 sessions, you will receive a free behavioural consultation.


All sessions will include discussions of dog body language and tips for better communication with your dog, as well as enrichment ideas and exercise activities. Packages also include email support during regular business hours.

Package descriptions can be found by clicking the "Book Now" button. 




**When you purchase a package and have not yet completed the behavioral consultation, your first session in your package will be used as a consult.



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